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Jun 17, 2019

Bok Hui and Rhett come face to face with Walter and, strangely, Doctor Howarth, as Nevaeh's fate is decided.

And in the Sol Invictus Facility, the plan to disrupt the Advent Project is executed, but will it prove to be too late?

Ghost Stories Incorporated - Last Man Standing
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Natus - When...

Jun 10, 2019

Rhett and Bok Hui fight to bring Nevaeh back from the brink, but the chaos of battle renders their pursuit incredibly dangerous.

Meanwhile, Kiera comes face to face with the truth of the Advent project, and Sampson and Jack must face their greatest foe yet.

Kai Engel - Tumult
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour

Jun 5, 2019

The ORPHEUS Protocol Kickstarter is in its final 2 days! If you've been thinking about backing, or are somehow just hearing about this now, now's the time!

Jun 3, 2019

***The ORPHEUS Protocol is live on Kickstarter now!!!
Visit for details!***

Bok Hui and Rhett search for Nevaeh, troubled by the sense of impending disaster.

At the same time, Sampson must confront a foe wearing the face of his oldest friend. And...