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Jan 25, 2021

Freya, Seamus, and Howard visit the deeply damaged Sir Alfred Spencer, in hopes of gaining some insight into Lars Keswick's plans.

And armed with whatever clues they can muster, they must then breach the British Museum before their opponents can manage the feat...

Music Credits

Ghost Stories Incorporated -...

Jan 18, 2021

The Discovery Club's enemies are plainly one step ahead, with a supposedly secret meeting now the site of a vicious attack.

Freya, Seamus, and the mysterious Howard Keswick spring into action to stop Sol Invictus from winning the war before it even begins.

Music Credits

Eric Satie: Gymnopedie No 2
Three Chain Links -...

Jan 11, 2021

The Discovery Club has been burned to the ground, and a new kind of threat is metastasizing in the hidden places of London.

Something must be done, but the matter of what, and by whom, is still an open question.

Music Credits

Natus - Screaming Silence
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Myuu - Snow Wonders
Naoya Sakamata...

Jan 4, 2021

A fair chunk of news, and a fan-favorite pet answers a letter from a listener...'s pet.

White Bat Audio - Black Rainbows
Alexander Nakarada - Freedom