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Aug 29, 2022

Posing as the Tax Collector and his assitants, our travelers infiltrate the city of Boardwalk, where opportunity and danger await in unknown proportion.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Blue Crystal Star - Wayfarer (Improv)
Dark Fantasy Studio - Winter Guild
Dark Fantasy Studio - Home
Jason Shaw - Serenity

Aug 22, 2022

Torc, Mitch, Nerys, Kaelar, and 733 make their attempt on the Tax Collector's coach, as the first step in their audacious plan to destabilze the vampiric nobility.

Music Credits:
Hardcore scm - Fun in Cello Land
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Myuu - Suspicious
Alexander Nakarada - Wild West Vikings
Dark Fantasy Studio -...

Aug 15, 2022

Our travelers attempt to thread the needle of their quest, the village's needs, and Nerys's ambitions.

What ensues promises to be incredibly, perhaps legendarily, dangerous.

Music Credits: 
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Myuu - Unspoken
Myuu - Take a Chance
Scott Buckley - Hiraeth
Kevin MacLeod - Myst on the Moor

Aug 8, 2022

On the coast of the Amaranth Kingdom, the crew of the Faith's Flame get the lay of the land, and find out just how in over their heads they are.

Music Credits: 
Dark Fantasy Studio - Captain's Tribute
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Myuu - Living in the Dark
Naoya Sakamata - 衝動的平和と笑顔の屍 - DARk PIANO...

Aug 1, 2022

Some quick updates in advance of the new arc's release next week.

White Bat Audio - Last Stop