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Dec 25, 2023

In Louisiana, a past-their-peak emo/punk band get offered a lucrative touring contract that just may save them from obscurity.

But Louisiana is among the worst places to be, here at the beginning of the end.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Josh Woodward - Insomnia (Instrumental)
Josh Woodward - Twelve...

Dec 18, 2023

In which Ben, Arlie, and Rob discuss the Storage arc that closes out the second Off-Season and sets up some key dynamics for Season 3.

Dec 11, 2023

The DAS team must face the demigodlike Katherine Schulz, corrupted in form and spirit by her exile in the broken Labyrinth.

But even an unlikely victory over this monstrosity carries no guarantee of escape.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Alexander Nakarada - Now We Feast
Myuu - Growing Shadows

Dec 4, 2023

Nearly all houses have doors. Some Houses, though, have Doors. And Doors of this kind are dangerous, if possibly enlightening, to traverse. Our DAS team personally discovers this as they descend ever deeper into a Manor that is not merely a physical structure in physical space-- and see firsthand what an environment...

Nov 27, 2023

Jhan hosts the 7th Anniversary Q&A, wherein Rob, Dan, Lilit, and Nick answer listener questions and reflect on the end Season 4, with its promise of The ORPHEUS Protocol's final season to come.

Greyskull - Time (Greyskull Remix)
Alexander Nakarada - Nomadic Sunset