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Feb 6, 2017

Upon being extracted from the ruins of the Congregation of the Gentle Hand's secret sanctum, our operatives undergo the debrief process, with Pierce's motivations falling under suspicion.

Darren Feldman asks for Kiera and Pierce by name, requesting a visit in exchange for valuable information. He reveals that the extent of his unexplained knowledge goes far greater than ORPHEUS expected, and is ready to make a deal.

Meanwhile, in hypnotherapy with Dr. Stewart, Mitch recovers the memory of a lost face from his youth. This strand of recollection leads him to regain a crucial event that set him on the path that ended with his death in Jerusalem.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Kevin MacLeod - Apprehension
Sergey Cheremisiniov - Tavern
free dramatic scores - Horror Music - Shards (Sad Mysterious Drama with Music Box)
Kevin MacLeod - Long Note Four
Kai Engel - Cloudburst
Sergey Cheremisinov - Pulsar
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

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