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Jun 3, 2019

***The ORPHEUS Protocol is live on Kickstarter now!!!
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Bok Hui and Rhett search for Nevaeh, troubled by the sense of impending disaster.

At the same time, Sampson must confront a foe wearing the face of his oldest friend. And somewhere even deeper underground, a student of the arcane prepares to achieve her magnum opus.

Sergey Cheremisinov - At The Rift
Borrtex - Light
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Michael Wite - In the Night
ROZKOL - Ambient I-IV
Vincent Nuit - Blazed Eyes (demo)
L’Incal Noir - Analog Horror Stings
Darren Curtis - The Devil’s Cell
Kai Engel - Written in Ink
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Last Man Standing
ROZKOL - If These
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Lake of Lasting Agony
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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