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Jun 1, 2020

Rhett must reckon with the fallout of Kathleen Lithgow's disappearance, but is given little time to lament the Maenad Directive's newly diminished position, as an unexpected visitor arrives in Chester...

Music Credits:

Myuu - To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X Cover)

Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Naoya Sakamata - Beyond the Poetry
Darren Curtis - Soul’s Departure
Proffeseur Y - La Maison De Paille
Lon Snow - Cello’s Cantara
Free Dramatic Scores - Tales From the Asylum
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Last Man Standing
Myuu - Tiffany’s Theme
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Lake of Lasting Agony
Myuu - Reversion 2015
Myuu - Unspoken
Alexander Nakarada - Come Closer
Myuu - Shelter
Zero-project - Disabled Emotions Suite - Part 5
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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