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Aug 31, 2020

733's story continues, with pirate antics aplenty, but also with an undeniable undercurrent of uncomfortable strangeness, hinting at a possible darker, root truth to the tall tale.

Music Credits:

Alexander Nakarada - Jolly Good Captain
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Alexander Nakarada - Silly Intro
Alexander Nakarada - Vladimir
Alexander Nakarada - Cockroaches
Free Dramatic Scores - Mountains of Madness
Alexander Nakarada - Halloween Theme 1
ErikMMusic - The Squirrel Took It
Stephane Lorello - Metal Fantasy
Kevin MacLeod - Bump in the Night
Free Dramatic Scores - Heaven’s Lost Lights
Alexander Nakarada - Bonfire
Scott Buckley - World of Magic
Three Chain Links - He Walks
Julian Gruber - Black Progressive Groove
Darren Curtis - Labyrinth of Lost Dreams
Alexander Nakarada - The End
Alexander Nakarada - Halloween Theme 2
Alexander Nakarada - Góða Nótt
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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