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Jun 28, 2021

A mob, rather more organized than it appears, probes the Inconsiderate's defenses.

Defending the ship, however, is but one item on an ever-lengthening list of unlikely tasks the crew must undertake, should they wish to ever leave Nantucket.

Music Credits:
Xenojam - Stellar Voices
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Alexander Nakarada - Seven Seas
Jason Shaw - Plantation
Alexander Werner Jr - Two Horses
Alexander Nakarada - The Cold Battle
Dark Fantasy Studio - Thieves
Stephane Lorello - Metal Fantasy
Alexander Nakarada - Floating Oompa
Darren Curtis - Fireside Tales
Josh Woodward - Follow the Road (Instrumental)
Alexander Nakarada - Entertainment
Alexander Nakarada - Shelter Song
Alexander Nakarada - Celebration
Dark Fantasy Studio - Nightfall
Sublustris Nox - Fata Morgana
Kevin MacLeod - Achaidh Cheide
Alexander Nakarada - The Return v2
Ezietto - Stars and Warriors
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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