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Jul 4, 2022

Three blue collar workers are sent on an industrial cleanup assignment at the long-closed Hillside Mall in Fairfield, Illinois.

But as the hot, Summer night wears on, they discover that places can sicken just people do.

Music Credits: 
Intro - White Bat Audio - Dark Odyssey
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Unheard Music Concepts - The Days Go Slow
Jason Shaw - Brooker’s Blues
Unheard Music Concepts - Played by Ear
Jason Shaw - Travel Light
White Bat Audio - Interdimensional Horrors
White Bat Audio - Embers
Myuu - Forgotten Factory
Myuu - Abyss
Jason Shaw - Minstrel
Kevin MacLeod - Breath
Jehf Jones - Hot Beef Rainbows
Myuu - Steel
Three Chain Links - Feverish
WARHORSE - Caldor’s Going out of Business
Kevin MacLeod - Giant Wyrm

Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

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