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Jul 24, 2017

In the Fall of 1893, on the periphery of London's respectable society, a party is being thrown for the fringes of the occult community. Spiritualists, astrologers, alchemists, and assorted n'er-do-wells are gathering at the estate of Marlon Sinclair for both séance and socialization.

Among the guests is Freya Benton, a world traveler of Egyptian extraction who's seen both the highs and lows of life on two continents, and Granville Moore, a retired soldier with a very peculiar instrument case in tow.

The evening's festivities get well and truly out of hand, as a Hermetic text written by someone named "Henry Colfax" is used for a bit of harmless fun... and brings forth something none could have imagined.

Music Credits:
Natus - Screaming Silence
Kevin MacLeod - J.S. Bach Brandenberg Concerto No4-1
Kevin MacLeod - W.A. Mozart Divertimento
Joseph Aragon - Violin Melody
Kevin MacLeod - Trio for Piano Violin and Viola
Kai Engel - Highway to the Stars
Darren Curtis - Unknown Fear
Sergey Cheremisinov - Sea and Night
Kevin MacLeod - Eric Satie Gymnopedie No1
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

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