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Jul 31, 2017

Kiera awakens in a world beyond her understanding. While her hosts work to make her comfortable and understand her situation, a dark presence falls over Myron Sinclair's home.

Sir Alfred Spencer's intentions come under question, and further agendas reveal themselves to be bent on the impossible traveler staying at Sinclair's residence...

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - We Aren't Alone Here
Three Chain Links - There's the Sun, Peeking Through my Curtains
Kevin MacLeod - Oppressive Gloom
Darren Curtis - The Man, the Legend
Wilhelm Matt - Kokeka (2-4-11) Time Stretched Violin Bowing
Myuu - Hitsujigamine (Catherine Cover)
Kevin MacLeod - Giant Wyrm
Paul Rudenko - What Follows Me
Natus - Cure
David Szestay - Surreal
David Szestay - Surreal 2
Kai Engel - (I am) Climbing on Air
WARHORSE - Remote Control Dad Prelude
衝動的平和と笑顔の屍 - Dark Piano Music - Naoya Sakamata
Myuu - Now or Never
Kai Engel - Chant of Night Blades
Natus - Nu I Vse
Natus - Screaming Silence
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:
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