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Dec 12, 2016

Isaiah has called his followers to gather with him, but Zachary fears that the great event is not only imminent, but being perpetrated against the unknowing flock with evil intent.

Artemis has confronted Caitlyn with her true identity, leaving her desperate to explain her way out of a deadly confrontation.

And somewhere in the depths of the mansion, a tortured voice gibbers and mewls.

With the revelation fast approaching, will one last gambit by Koji be enough to give the operatives a chance of success -- or even survival?

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Into Darkness
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Black Juggernaut - Stormwitch
Three Chain Links - Feverish
ROZKOL - The Den
Black Juggernaut - Black Mirror
Kevin Macleod - The House of Leaves
ROZKOL - Intro
ROZKOL - Called Your Bluff
ROZKOL - Corrosive
Three Chain Links - Dance Harder
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note The First:
Next week's episode is a special one indeed, marking the launch of our full-length campaign with new operatives, new thrills, and new horrors. We hope you enjoy it even a fraction as much as we've enjoyed recording it thus far.

If you *have* enjoyed it, please consider leaving us an iTunes review, as this is the best way for us to reach a wider audience.

Director's Note the Second:
This episode had us encountering some issues with microphones; likely some radiant interference caused by Zach's telekinesis. Everything should be quite intelligible and listenable, but rest assured some of the rougher bits of vocal quality are not indicative of any long-term problems, and largely disappear as of next episode.

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