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Sep 18, 2017

The attack on ORPHEUS's Chicago facility had wide-reaching effects, and the city itself is by no means out of harm's way.

With the delivery of terrible news by her handler in a mysterious organization called "The Maenad Directive," Freya Benton springs into action to try to determine the cause of the chaos and put a stop to it, activating a new recruit to her conspiracy along the way.

Music Credits:
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith
Naoya Sakamata - 支配された孤独感 - Dark Classical Piano Music
Borrtex - Peaceful Mind
Alexander Nakarada - Freedom
Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue (Instrumental)
Kevin MacLeod - Digital Bark
Three Chain Links - Gray is the Sky
ElDude Music - Nameless City
Josh Woodward - Follow the Road
Myuu - Jeff the Killer - Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson & Creepypasta Tribute)
Myuu - Ground Noises
ROZKOL - Last Train in the Station

Director's Note:
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