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Dec 11, 2017

With her life now saved by Freya and Rhett's decisive aid, Atalanta outlines a plan to use an experimental psychic technique to locate a significant person who she was unable to secure in the aftermath of ORPHEUS's decimation.

As the time for her next task approaches, Atalanta also focuses her attention on helping prepare Rhett and Freya for their mission to retrieve a trove of data, a cache of weapons, and to locate people with sympathies to the Maenad cause

And this mission, it seems, will take our Agents far from home.

Music Credits:
Alexander Nakarada - Foam Rubber
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Alexander Nakarada - Freedom
Kai Engel - A Neon Flesh
Zero-project - The call of the desert
Somewhere off Jazz Street - And Now We Must Move On
Kai Engel - Streets as Friends
Myuu - To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X Cover)
DOS-88 - City Lights
Josh Woodward - Bloom (Instrumental Version)
Kevin Macleod - Deadly Roulette
Robocorpse - End of Freedom
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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