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Feb 5, 2018

Pierce and Neveah race toward the scene as Kiera and Mitch prosecute a guerilla war against the entrenched Sol Invictus forces in Chester, Illinois.

The balance of power shifts once more, as the OPSEC arc comes to a close.

Music Credits:
Josh Woodward- I'm Letting Go Instrumental Version
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Kai Engel - Chance
DegITx - Machine Paradigm - Take the Colours Pain the Sky
bXmMusic - Cats Do Not like to Get Wet
Fatal Injection - Untitled
Kai Engel - Somnolence
Myuu - Troublemaker Theme
F.O.G. - Intervalo de Horror
Mykee Morettini - Italian Giallo Horror Theme
Alexander Nakarada - The Wandering King
Mykee Morettini - EVIL EVERYWHERE - Theme - Puncy Mix
Kai Engel - Dancing on the Edge
Josh Woodward - Fight the Sea Instrumental Version
Darren Curtis - Bad Dreams
Kevin MacLeod - Covert Affair
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

Director's Note:

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