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Sep 26, 2019

In the small town of Queensmouth, on Bear Island, four high school students are on the precipice of a mysterious and terrifying adventure.

But just because this odyssey into the unknown hasn't yet begun doesn't remotely mean that there aren't eerie encounters, social awkwardness, and a good, old-fashioned teen gang brawl to be had.

Fallon - Arlie
Notus - Ben
Riley - Reyna
Zephyr - Greg


Movie Retro - Neon Demon
Josh Woodward - Overthrown (Instrumental)
Josh Woodward - The Last Slice of Pecan Pie (Instrumental)
Kevin MacLeod - Deadly Roulette
Josh Woodward - Tick Tock (Instrumental)
Josh Woodward - Fast Food Fantasy (Instrumental)
As the Breeze - The Mist Calls
Kevin MacLeod - On the Ground
MidnightPiano - Sad
Alcaknight - Forrest of Illusion
Jehf Jones - Comfortably Laudanum
Alexander Nakarada - Simple Joy
Alexander Nakarada - Psychotic
Three Chain Links - Phantoms
Josh Woodward - Branches (Instrumental)
Alexander Hoff - Abandoned Mansion
VITNE - Say Goodbye
Alexander Nakarada - Cocktails and Lobsters
Mutiara Damansara - Laura Palmer’s Spiritual Brother