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Oct 7, 2019

Rhett and Kathleen traverse an unknown world, and are faced with echoes of an incomprehensible history.

Music Credits:

Jehf Jones - Cadaverine Queen
Alexander Nakarada - Nomadic Sunset
Xenojam - Abduction
Free Dramatic Scores - The Beast
Kevin MacLeod - Ossuary 1 - A Beginning
Muciojad - N O S E D I V E
Kevin MacLeod - Decay

Sep 30, 2019

Rhett and Nevaeh begin to scratch the surface of her trauma. Meanwhile, Bok Hui goes home, for perhaps the last time.

Music Credits:

Free Dramatic Scores - Tales from the Asylum
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Free Dramatic Scores - Feel the Knife
Josh Woodward - I’m Letting Go (Instrumental)
Kai Engel - (I am) Climbing...

Sep 23, 2019

Rhett descends into the lake to provide what help he can, while Bok Hui and Jack road trip across the country, in hopes of looking in on Bok Hui's family.

Music Credits:

Myuu - The Order’s Theme
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Josh Woodward - The Parade (Instrumental)
Kai Engel - Cloudburst
Kai Engel - Fairytale

Sep 16, 2019

Rhett and Bok Hui find themselves at the center of a tense sequence of negotiations between forces they barely understand.

Music Credits:

Alexander Nakarada - Crossroads
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Myuu - Flowered Rust

Sublustris Nox - Fata Morgana
ROZKOL - If These
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Lake of Lasting Agony

Sep 2, 2019

Freya must strike a bargain with unknowable forces, in order to stop the unthinkable from becoming the inevitable.

Music Credits:

Kevin MacLeod - Inner Sanctum 
Chaos.Ladder - Horror Movie Soundtrack
Kevin MacLeod - Shadowlands 2 - Bridge
Sleep Rivers - Above an Abyss
Darren Curtis - Soul's Departure
Myuu - Exploring the...