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Oct 10, 2019

Zephyr and Fallon embark on parallel amateur investigations, as Riley looks deeper into the unknown, and Notus attracts some unwanted attention.

Fallon - Arlie
Notus - Ben
Riley - Reyna
Zephyr - Greg 

Josh Woodward - Fast Food Fantasy (Instrumental)
Three Chain Links - Solace
Alexander Nakarada - Silly...

Sep 26, 2019

In the small town of Queensmouth, on Bear Island, four high school students are on the precipice of a mysterious and terrifying adventure.

But just because this odyssey into the unknown hasn't yet begun doesn't remotely mean that there aren't eerie encounters, social awkwardness, and a good, old-fashioned teen gang...

Nov 19, 2018

Caleb, of Sampson Campbell and RPG Academy Fame, once again masters our ceremonies as we relive the triumphs and agonies of Season 2, as well as looking back at our second full year of releases.

Music Credits:
Jehf Jones - Hot Beef Rainbows
Nathan Kross and Rob Stith - The ORPHEUS Protocol
MidnightPiano - Sad

Nov 20, 2017

TheCalebG of The RPG Academy fame hosts a (very, very) long Q&A session and retrospective on this, the anniversary of The ORPHEUS Protocol's release.

Staci, Dan, Jhan and I join Caleb as we look back on the project from its humble beginnings to its perhaps overambitious present, take some great questions from the...