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Nov 27, 2023

Jhan hosts the 7th Anniversary Q&A, wherein Rob, Dan, Lilit, and Nick answer listener questions and reflect on the end Season 4, with its promise of The ORPHEUS Protocol's final season to come.

Greyskull - Time (Greyskull Remix)
Alexander Nakarada - Nomadic Sunset


Nov 20, 2023

Inside the mysteriously-reawakening Gerhardt Manor, the DAS operative cell must search for both an explanation and a solution to the cursed building's stirrings.

Music Credits:

Darren Curtis - Scary Dark Futuristic Music Theme
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Kevin MacLeod - Awkward Meeting
Darren Curtis - My Dark...

Nov 6, 2023

As Muninn desperately grasps at the crumbling fragments of the world he finally has in his hands, a cell of DAS operatives are tasked with investigating a quickening of unnatural energy which, according to all the experts, is a complete impossibility.

Music Credits:
WARHORSE - I Really Dislike You
City-Hunter - UNATCO -...