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Oct 9, 2017

As a thank you to everyone who left iTunes reviews, followed us on Twitter, and helped to solve the ARG, I now present to you the "Cleanup" saga in its entirety (though split into multiple episodes for upload, it's long you guys).

Cleanup chronicles an important event in ORPHEUS's recent past, and honestly, it'd be unkind to say much more than that. Cleanup's story is a mystery, and trust me when I say that the threads that were pulled led somewhere horrifying.

Music Credits:
Kevin MacLeod - Temple of the Manes
Wimus - Crockett's theme remix
Myuu - Prey
Kai Engel - Silence
Darren Curtis - Peaceful Forest "Into Oblivion"
Borrtex - Darkness
Kevin MacLeod - Bridge
DOS-88 - City Stomper
Tri-Tachyon - Edge of the Wastelands
Kevin MacLeod - Anxiety
Myuu - Phantom (Horror Soundscape)
Three Chain Links - Resetting the Grid
Myuu - Ghost Town
Kevin MacLeod - Satiate Strings
Three Chain Links - Portals
The One They Fear - Wolves

Director's Note:
You may notice some antiquated rules and game mechanics in this saga, due to the fact that it was recorded rather a long time ago. The ORPHEUS Protocol has been (but hopefully won't always be) a beta test, and this adventure was an important step in that process. Enjoy the look back into ORPHEUS history, both canonically and in a metagame sense!

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