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Nov 30, 2020

The very heart of the Fecundity beats blinding bright and savage in a rhythm whose teeth gnash the world, and in the scything spaces between stand our travelers.

The fate of the Inviolate Stone and those of all whose dooms have been drawn into its orbit are decided as heroes do battle with gods.

Music Credits:

Alexander Nakarada - Nomadic Dawn
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Hiroki Matsui - My Voice is Dark Ambient
Kai Engel - Between Nothing and Everything
White Bat Audio - Reptile
Xenojam - Abduction
Darren Curtis - The Brotherhood
Free Dramatic Scores - Mountains of Madness
Darren Curtis - The Invasion
Kai Engel - The Price of Valour
ROZKOL - Hoenikker
Darren Curtis - Ignite the Fire
Kai Engel - Disciples of Steel
Darren Curtis - The Phantom’s Castle
Scott Buckley - The Call
White Bat Audio - Journey into the Black
Kevin MacLeod - Spacial Winds
A.Romeo - Fatal Discovery
Ezietto - Trinity
ROZKOL - Called Your Bluff
Kevin MacLeod - Deep Noise
Scott Buckley - Soul Searcher
Alexander Nakarada - Traveler
Zero-project - Princess of my Heart
Alexander Nakarada - Foam Rubber
Alexander Nakarada - Life of a Dog
Alexander Nakarada - Silly Intro
Alexander Nakarada - The Lone Wolf
Sergey Cheremisinov - Tavern
Peter Rudenko - 5:00 AM
Kai Engel - Seeker
Myuu - In the House, In a Heartbeat (28 Days Later Cover)
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith
Poem - William Butler Yeats - The Second Coming

Director's Note:

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