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Apr 11, 2022

With the immediate matter of the kids' survival settled, our travelers lick their wounds and return to the jungle, to get a closer look at the mysterious structures at the island's highest point.

Music Credits: 
Alexander Nakarada - Dreamy Interlude
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Kevin MacLeod - The Hive
Myuu - What Could Have Been
Dark Fantasy Studio - Fallen Leaves
Alexander Nakarada - Mjolnir
Kevin MacLeod - Myst on the Moor
Igor Sysoev - Chasm
cinematicwaves - Road to Dark Tower 
Scott Buckley - Soul Searcher
Alexander Nakarada - Nomadic Sunset
Tri-Tachyon - Edge of the Wastelands
Dark Fantasy Studio - Ashes
Scott Buckley - The Old Ones
Free Dramatic Scores - The Beast

Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

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