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Mar 13, 2023

The City of Night eats itself, and more than one trapped within its churning gullet make devil's bargains to continue on.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Free Dramatic Scores - A Nightmare in Blood
Dark Fantasy Studio - Into Wild Lands
Dark Fantasy Studio - Facing the Dragon
Scott Buckley - She Moved Mountains
Kai Engel - Avenge the Fallen
Darren Curtis - The Invasion
Scott Buckley - Soul Searcher
Ghost Stories Incorporated - Eulogy
Daniel Birch - Angelic Voices in my Nightmares 
Darren Curtis - Ignite the Fire
Darren Curtis - I Will Find You
Dark Fantasy Studio - Escape
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith
Additional Music by Michael O'Neill

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