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Dec 4, 2023

Nearly all houses have doors. Some Houses, though, have Doors. And Doors of this kind are dangerous, if possibly enlightening, to traverse. Our DAS team personally discovers this as they descend ever deeper into a Manor that is not merely a physical structure in physical space-- and see firsthand what an environment like this can do to a person.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
Naoya Sakamata - Vermilion Pt. 2 - Dark Piano Version
Darren Curtis - Labyrinth of Lost Dreams
Kevin MacLeod - Heart of the Beast
Meowstro 2.0 - Frosty Meadows
Darren Curtis - The Cold Settles
Three Chain Links - Come On Rex, Let’s Finish This.
Dark Fantasy Studio - Dark Echoes
Dark Fantasy Studio - Lost in the Maze
White Bat Audio - Broken
White Bat Audio - Self Inflicted
White Bat Audio - Hardware
DEgITx - Machine Paradigm
Alexander Nakarada - Now We Feast

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